About me


My name is Gal Yaniv and I built cocktail-guru.com without any knowledge on how to build a website. Sounds weird?! Keep on reading and it will all get clear…

How does it all start?

I’ve been bartending since 1995. From the very first time I got the chance to enter a bar I was amazed by the world of cocktails.

During the years I’ve built, managed and designed many bars and restaurants, in each I created a unique cocktail menu, and trained hundreds of people with no previous experience at all, into becoming professional bartenders.


Winning the bartender championship – Israel 2003

Following my passions…

I had amazing experiences working as a bartender and making cocktails in fabulous places all over the world. I had an enlightenment of a perfect spicy frozen margarita at the Caribbean, and my best martini cocktail was created while seating near the fireplace in the Himalayas .

Inspired by these different places and cultures, I invented many original cocktails and found myself winning bartender championships with them. Luckily, in favor of these very same cocktails that I made during my travels, I got to travel with zero cost and great pleasure to places like Lapland, Las Vegas, Scotland, Germany, New York, and that’s how I gathered my two greatest passions – Travels and Cocktails.

Winning the bartender championship – Finland 2004

How to build a website without knowing much about the internet?

Follow YOUR passion! That’s what I did… (With a little help from SBI!). I had the need to share my passion for a long time, to show people that cocktail mixing doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult and how to make tasty and wonderful cocktails.

I guess I have a desire to help other people unleash their creative spirit…

The ability to share things through the internet, like my favorite cocktails, has always excited me. I have toyed with the idea of building a website for a long time. A few problems presented themselves though:

    1. I didn’t know much about the internet and even less about how to build a website…
    2. I have no technical skills.
    3. I know how expensive it is to hire someone to develop and maintain a website for you.
    4. Learning how to build a website that people will be able to find through the search engines is not easy…

So I was pretty frustrated, feeling that there had to be a way to build a website without spending thousands of dollars and waiting for some expert each time you want something done.

It all changed when my best friend, Elad Shippony, told me about how he built his successful websites without knowing much about the internet, using only the Site Build it! guidance. Site Build What?! i wasn’t sure how can you build a website with no “E-knowledge”… So I decided, skepticly, to try it.

It was it!!!

Today, SBI! gives me the freedom to work from home, be my own boss, exploring my greatest passion, and most important thing, spending time with my beautifu wife and my lovely daughter – Maya…

If you have a passion (we all do, you just have to find it) learn how to build a website and visit the SBI site to find out some more about converting your passions into successful website

The success story of Elad is also a great way to learn more about Site Build It – from someone who started with no “e-knowledge” and build an income that gave him all the freedom he needs.

If you want to find out some more about his amazing success story, Just click to start Elad’s video.